Your Security is guaranteed

If you sell us a laptop, PC, Netbook, hard drive etc, your data is scrubbed securely.

We use the the Department of Defence method which is widely acknowledged as super secure. Not only is your entire hard drive, with all its existing data wiped and rewritten in random ways, it is wiped multiple times.

As an example, to securely wipe a 640gb hard drive using our method takes 4 days. You could probably argue that this is an excessive overkill but it means we can 100% guarantee that nobody, anywhere, could ever get access to any of your personal details, banking, online accounts etc etc. We take your security seriously and so should you.

If you are selling a laptop to a friend, family member or by any other method, we would strongly recommend that you still take this action before parting with it. We can securely wipe any hard drive for you for only ten pounds. If you need your licenced version of windows re-installing we can do this too.


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